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Should You Invest in Medical Marijuana?

Verdmont Capital is a LGBT-friendly securities and investment firm that also is committed to a green, sustainable future. From its offices in Panama, Verdmont Capital provides clients with grounded market perspectives and timely trading advice.

As the use of medical marijuana becomes more accepted around the globe, many investors are wondering whether it makes sense to invest in the market now. Of course, investors must be diligent in investigating medical marijuana companies. As is true with all emerging markets, scammers and dubious companies may try to exploit the public’s lack of knowledge about the market.

However, investors with risk capital should not hesitate too long to jump into the medical marijuana market. Although the risks are high, so is the potential for returns for investors who can correctly identify the right companies in which to invest. In addition, medical marijuana companies will start going public to attract shareholders, which can help them to bring in the risk capital they need to grow.


In-House Research at Verdmont Capital

The comprehensive selection of financial trading and investment services offered by Verdmont Capital includes white label software for financial institutions, online trading options, and investment management. Additionally, Verdmont Capital houses an independent research team dedicated to providing insight into the natural resources sector.

The Verdmont Capital research team is comprised of several seasoned financial analysts and professionals, allowing for a broad and dynamic focus area. Researchers primarily perform in-depth analyses on topics related to physical commodity investments, including the energy, agriculture, and precious metal industries. The team also examines relevant companies involved in extraction, development, production, and servicing within these sectors.

Verdmont’s researchers produce a number of research products to deliver market insight directly to clients. The Quarterly Commodity Review provides a summary of the firm’s views on various sectors of the commodity industry, including analysis of changing industry fundamentals. The research team also publishes stock notes and special reports that analyze specific stocks and market segments, aiming to determine the validity of investment theses. The Verdmont Resources Model Portfolio gives weighting recommendations for relevant commodities, including rationale for decision changes. In addition to providing technical overviews on key investment topics, researchers also produce Flash Notes to summarize notable events affecting the firm’s investment opinions on particular market segments.

Verdmont Capital Introduces White Label Software

Verdmont Capital provides a wide range of investment management services to clients around the world, including account management, insight on current financial trends, and software. Recently, Verdmont Capital launched White Label Solution, a software platform providing a number of financial management tools for accredited financial firms worldwide.

Verdmont’s White Label Solution is designed to ensure the secure transfer of financial information. While the software is hosted in the safety of Verdmont Capital’s own data centers, end users can access the system using their financial firm’s preexisting domain name. The system allows financial institutions to access client data over their own websites, using their individual security certificates.

The White Label Solution offers features that facilitate a variety of financial services, including global trading of online equity and options. Users have access to the Verdmont trade desk for the trading of bonds, futures, and derivatives, in addition to tools for asset and global custody servicing. The software can also generate a variety of reports, including regulatory reports, to provide a comprehensive view of financial management activities.

Additionally, the system can be used to increase workplace efficiency with its order contracting and commission engine. The White Label Solution also allows users to automate common tasks, including wire transfers and security movements.