Verdmont Capital Introduces White Label Software

Verdmont Capital provides a wide range of investment management services to clients around the world, including account management, insight on current financial trends, and software. Recently, Verdmont Capital launched White Label Solution, a software platform providing a number of financial management tools for accredited financial firms worldwide.

Verdmont’s White Label Solution is designed to ensure the secure transfer of financial information. While the software is hosted in the safety of Verdmont Capital’s own data centers, end users can access the system using their financial firm’s preexisting domain name. The system allows financial institutions to access client data over their own websites, using their individual security certificates.

The White Label Solution offers features that facilitate a variety of financial services, including global trading of online equity and options. Users have access to the Verdmont trade desk for the trading of bonds, futures, and derivatives, in addition to tools for asset and global custody servicing. The software can also generate a variety of reports, including regulatory reports, to provide a comprehensive view of financial management activities.

Additionally, the system can be used to increase workplace efficiency with its order contracting and commission engine. The White Label Solution also allows users to automate common tasks, including wire transfers and security movements.


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